I will never forget when I first thought about the opportunity to stay home and make money from the comfort of my pajamas.  It was such a feeling of relief to not have to get up day-in, day-out, yet to leave my house and work in corporate America.  It’s been 3 years now, and every day I feel blessed to have such an awesome lifestyle.

The road to freedom, working from home has not always been easy, there are many days when I felt like I would never “make it” or never become one of those online marketer success stories that everyone in this business hears about, but everyday I have kept pushing myself trying to figure out how to get there and successfully make money online, from home.

I soon came to realize just how big the industry of online marketing really is and how there are so many ways to make it.  Mapping out a plan is sometimes overwhelming, especially at first when there is so much information to digest and figure out.  I’m a visionary and my business plan thus far is huge… so huge that I will be amazed when the day comes that I complete it all.

In fact, just today while I was doing some research on a product, I realized that this is something I should share, so my inspiration was based on helping you to know about a great product put out by another company similar to Clickbank; the company is PayDotCom.com which is another marketplace to find products for personal use or promotion.  It’s really cool, and if you are in the market for digital products, you should check out PayDotCom.com