Article marketing and writing have long been known to be powerful methods for traffic generation. Knowing that article marketing is good for your profit margin is one thing. Actually writing the articles is entirely another. It’s interesting, there are very many IM marketers who don’t want to be bothered with writing articles, so they outsource it to others. But really, the only important question is if you have the budget to do this?

Quality articles can be pricey. If you’re willing to learn a little, you can be writing decent to good articles in a short time. Next up, we’ll share some great tips you can put to work immediately. You can think your own niche as an example, for example, you could use the cystic acne treatment niche.

Be sure to never view your marketing articles like essays you wrote in school. The basic structure of an essay is “tell them what you are going to say, say it and then tell them what you said.” An article, on the other hand has more of a “reverse pyramid” structure. The center section of an essay usually explains the unimportant content. In an article you put the most important information at the beginning of the article (after the introduction) and then leave the lesser information for the end of the article (before the conclusion). What this structure accomplishes is it gets the most important information read sooner.

Always make your introduction completely clear. It’s unnecessary to write a long introduction. The introduction first describes the topic of the article, and then quickly tells what’s about to be discussed. Some people take a while to do this. Other people choose to just do a few straight forward sentences. Your goal with the introduction is to also compel the reader to naturally lead into the next paragraph. It’s just that writers are different, of course, and some will prefer to express in shorter sentences. But there are writers who like telling a story in this section. You will figure out which works best for you.

Articles used in online marketing are different in structure than the articles normally found in magazines, or newspapers. There are differences found in the writing voice. It may be to your advantage to find out what the differences are. You’ll want to write in a manner, voice, and style that online readers are accustomed to reading. Maybe just pick-up a magazine and see if you can spot the difference.

Article writing really is worth learning by all business people. In time you can get comfortable with declaring your points to get those clicks. But, if article writing is not something you like to do, you can hire someone to do it for you. But before you get to that point, learning how to write articles that get the job done will be necessary for you to do. Try to avoid letting it stress you too much. Very soon you’ll get it down.