Care to take your digital properties and put them on hyperdrive in terms of sales? Then you need to take a deep breath and get these visitors into actioning them into your buying process.


If you want to start earning consistent money with your website, you need to pre-sell before you sell and almost no one is doing this properly!

We do not see a car commercial and run out and buy a new Chevy Blazer. We see the spot, we visit the website, we dare to go into the dealership with our dads. We call the dealer back 19 times.


And we fill ourselves along the way with more and more content about that thing we want so much so that at the end, we feel as if we have made the best purchasing decision possible. Those that are the best internet sellers have this down to a science.

They start by creating the largest pool of ultra targeted traffic. They send those people through a series CONTENT-LADEN steps that add value to the product. They continue to build excitement and passion and anticipation.

here is what I see each and every day online, there is a great push to start buying traffic to be sent to websites. Even targeted traffic…but guess what…that traffic is NOT yet ready to be slammed with a sales message! Sorry, but they’re not.

Why are these people being purchased and then being asked to buy when they are NOT READY TO BUY?

Online marketing and advanced internet marketing tactics demand that you sell online the way you buy online and that is by first giving away information drawing the new visitor closer to you!

And one of the best ways to do that is to create pre-selling landing pages.

Play the game the way the game WANTS to be played…the way people need to be sold to and you will dominate!

The name of the game online is to find a way to make fast easy money online. You do that by playing to what works. Pre selling works. Every time.