If you have been in the internet marketing niche for sometime, you may know that marketing with articles is the single most useful technique for driving traffic, increasing sales and leads. After-all the internet is all about content. However, many beginners how try their hands at article marketing make some fundamental mistakes and often end up frustrated. The key to effective article writing is in creating content that compels readers to click through to your website and at the same time pre-sells them on whatever it is you are selling or promoting.

This is a small compilation of a few great strategies for article marketing and  article re-writing. Following these simple tips will give a boost to your article marketing campaign:

  • Use bulleted lists and sub topics in your article. No one likes to read many paragraphs of content which isn’t up-to the point. Especially on article directories, where your submitted content is usually surrounded by lots of ads, you have to make sure that your article doesn’t turn the reader off and make them click on an ad rather than reading your text.


  • Do not start marketing your product or affiliate product right from the beginning of the article. For example if you are marketing a weight loss product, first give the user some general information about weight loss, define a problem (weight loss in this case) and then let them know the cure for it (your product). This will pre-sell the product to the user.


  • If you consider distributing content to many different article directories and websites, article spinning can make a big difference for your results. Write an original version of your article and then start re-writing sentences and paragraphs. Also replace some words with (fitting) synonyms. This way you can distribute dozens or even hundreds of pieces of unique content, without having to write dozens or hundreds of articles.


  • Finally, make good use of the links you are allowed to place within the resource-box of your articles. Make sure there is a clear call to action (i.e. tell the reader to click and tell them why they should click) and use your keyword as the anchor-text of the link. This way, you increase click-throughs and get the best SEO benefit.

These are my top 5 basic  article marketing tips. Give them a try and I’m sure you will not be disappointed!