When trying to rank for certain keywords, we know that duplicate content on our website can cause problems. It is because search engines are always striving to offer their searches new, relevant information that this usually occurs. At the end of the day you have to think that why should search engine really care about something that has already been crawled by its spiders? As well as this, an individual searcher would find no benefit in having lots of content the same displayed to him? None is the only answer you can give to that.

But how do you find out if something is duplicate or not? After all, you want to stay onside with the major search engines and now that you know duplicate content issues are frowned upon you don’t really want to be caught out. here’s how to do this in Google.

Firstly, search for your site using its URL in Google. This will basically show you all the pages that have been indexed by Google thus far from your site. Then proceed by clicking on each one of the links that comes up in this search. If a message comes up along the lines of “to see the most relevant results we have omitted entries that are similar”, it means that Google deems some of the content on these omitted pages as duplicates.

What you can do then is click on the link that asks you if you would like to carry out the search again but this time with the omitted pages included. You will then see these omitted pages and will be able to fix them in whatever way you see fit in order to rectify things.

Granted, it is difficult to have a purely duplicate free website, but if you avoid things like reproducing articles from article directories or content you have deemed to be relevant from other websites, you should be OK.

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