I love the Seagate Free Agent Portable Hard Drive. I recently had the 500GB and just recently had to upgrade to the 1TB.

Most would think that 500GB would be plenty of hard drive space on-the-go however when working from home as a Marketer I have found it’s best to keep my personal files separate from my clients files.

I now own the 1 TB for my clients and the 500 GB for my personal use, I believe I will be upgrading the the 3 TB soon as video takes up much space and I have a ton of video since new media video marketing is what I do along with my partner.

MegaWire Marketing helps small businesses and Entrepreneurs get web presence online.

If you are looking for a reliable device to store your precious files I highly recommend the Seagate free agent, it’s an absolute must for storing excess files, portability and reliability and the prices are GREAT too!