It is obvious that a large number of internet marketers spend more time than they need to at the computer. You post ads to online sites, pay for PPC campaigns, write articles for article marketing purposes, put together e-mail marketing blasts and work on your products. In case you are suffering from internet marking tunnel vision; people usually don’t spend hours of their time online like you do. If you only market your business to people through internet avenues, you will be missing out on quite a lot of potential customers! One of the keys to good marketing is to try to reach the maximum number of people that might be interested in your market. Lucky for us we have offline marking to reach our potential. Continue to find out how to spend less time at your computer and make even more money.

Almost every newspaper has a classified ads section. Online classified sites such as Craigslist have become a very popular form of advertising. Why not place a classified ad in a traditional newspaper as well? Some marketing experts claim that a good offline ad can get more than ten times as much attention as one placed on an online site. Of course, there is a charge to advertise in a newspaper, but does this really matter if it results in lots of sales? Remember, even people who don’t have computers read through classified ads sections and these people do have ways to buy your products through computers in cyber cafes or at the library! Riders of public transportation have a unique opportunity. Your t-shirt can be a converted into an ad that you can use to display bits of information about your online business. For only a few dollars you can have another point of exposure. Many printing companies will allow you to have a few free samples as an incentive to use their service.

Use these free samples to design a t-shirt or bag for your business and then wear it out in the world a few times a week or carry the bag with you once in a while instead of your regular purse or backpack. You might get a few questions from your fellow transport riders but, more importantly, you’ll also get quite a few more site visits by people who see your URL and plug it into their phones and laptops to see what it is that you are advertising.

Never underestimate the importance of a well placed pen. There are lots of printing houses that will print up hundreds of pens and other writing utensils with your slogan or URL on them. Get several dozen made because they are easy to distribute. A “sneaky” method of getting rid of them is to “accidentally” leave it behind at the check-out counter when signing a check. Leave a few at the bank or at ATMs and customer service counters. Or if you know of any other busy places then you can pass them out to people without a hassle. People always take free pens!

If you take the time and observe your environment you will notice limitless possibilities. There are literally an infinite amount of ways to market offline. With offline marketing you can get more exposure than you have ever dreamed about getting from the internet. Yes, there are people who are only recently being taught internet use; this is your opportunity to reach down before they get heavily involved. If you can learn to use other mediums along with the internet to create a far reaching system then you are starting to get a feel of what marketing is all about. You are only hurting your revenue when you decide to focus strictly on the internet for advertising. By using offline marketing you will increase your profits by leaps and bounds!

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