Our Story

Two Hearts, Two Minds, Two Spirits…

Two passionate simple girls running parallel lives with just a little distance in between. We are best friends and cousins, we have been as close as Sisters since as far back as 20 years. As the years kept creeping by, we never failed to stay in touch and frequently visit each other. What we have to offer each other is so special, so unique and so coincidentally similar that the draw to figure out how we can work together has always been topic of discussion.

Depending where we lived, visiting each other was always a treat, whether we were traveling across the united states or making a 3 hour drive up the freeway to spend a weekend together, we found that our interests in so many ways were exactly the same. We love design, shopping, fashion, scrap-booking, eating healthy, yoga, spas, reading, personal development, community support, giving back, non-profit, spirituality, networking and marketing, just to name more than a few of our favorites.

We have worked in similar capacities in and out of Corporate America for years, ironically we both worked in the network marketing industry, pursuing different business opportunities. This was a great way of venturing out and building a community base of friends who share the same interest in creating supplemental, residual income. Building relationships is an investment that clearly brings quality people into our lives and makes us better people. Networking has led us to where we are today and we are grateful for the many relationships we have created over the years.

Sharing what I had accomplished and what was possible working in the Real Estate industry, I encouraged Pj to come on board and work with me. A few years later, the Company we worked for went through changes and her job was eliminated. Not to long after that, I resigned. We both continued in the Industry, but at separate Companies in the same town. A couple years later, we found ourselves in the same boat again… Corporate companies downsizing and cleaning house!

I worked on my network marketing all the while trying to find a job; Pj didn’t want to keep repeating the same patterns and decided to make serious life changes. A few months later, she up and moved to Las Vegas, where she currently resides and works from home. This time, she is building a lifestyle that can’t ever be taken away from her, she is building her own Business Model Planblueprint by joining the many who have figured out where the world is headed… Internet Marketing!!

Pj and I always shared many things in common, as mentioned network marketing was one of them. When she settled in Las Vegas and started finding her way to becoming a professional online marketer, my ears perked up…. it was something I knew I needed in order to further my network marketing skills. At that time, social media was starting to climb and she was discovering so many ways that we could get involved that would secure our future… she was convinced that she had the answers.

At first I was a bit resistant but after many hours of talking about it, I had to get rid of the old school marketing mentality and accept the new ways of marketing by using the internet with strategic business model strategies to achieve online marketing success. I took time to chew on the idea of joining her in her business endeavors. Then one day, the day I will never forget, I called her and said, I cannot continue doing business the way I am and I am ready with open ears, tell me what to do and how to get involved, and this is how it all began… our journey started from that day on.

It has been over a year and since that day, we have completed over 8000+ collective hours of working on our skills through professional education, training and personal development. We decided during the summer of 2009 to join hands and start up our own business.

We figured out how to create our own product based on what we had learned and we were ready to share our success by helping others all the while helping ourselves and creating a multi-million dollar company using cutting edge online marketing skills and delivering a business model product to market to people all over the world.

Now that you know a little bit about us, I want to share with you something incredible that we can give you right now, so if you are serious and want to take the next step, then let’s begin, but if you are not, then do not proceed, because we only want to help ready, willing and serious entrepreneurs who want to take their life to new heights and begin their journey with us, today.

So, what’s it going to be, are you ready?

If the answer is “yes” … then let’s get started.

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