How To Choose The


Business Opportunity


Find a mentor who shares your values and who you feel you resonate with. This is so key! This is a life-long relationship you are looking at… Don’t get stuck with the wrong person!


Find a marketing system that works. Tragically, far too many network marketing systems today are completely broken. If it is an effective system, and if you work it properly, you should be able to start seeing significant money coming back into your   pockets within weeks or at most a few months, not years.

With the right opportunity, you should be in an income-earning position from day one, and should not have to be passing up any sales as part of a qualification process.


If the company’s primary business-building “methods” are the recruiting of friends and family members, or the purchasing of expensive “opportunity” leads, be aware. This is a big red flag. You will almost certainly find yourself running out of relatives and/or funds for leads long before you see any real growth in your business.


Instead of Multi-Level-Marketing, choose a direct sales company. By and large, in MLM the attrition rate is far too high and the commissions much too small. Which will only leave you with the frustrated feeling of “trying to fill a leaking bucket.”

Make sure that what is being marketed are “stand-alone” products, that is, that they would sell themselves were they sitting on a shelf in a store, and aren’t just there to make the compensation plan “legitimate”.

If you yourself wouldn’t be willing to pay at least twice the price for the products of what you are selling them for, they are not the right products.


Find something you love to do. Your business should not simply be “a means to an end” — something you have to suffer through in order to reach your financial goals. The right business should make you jump out of bed in the morning, ready and excited to get to work!


Make sure the company and its leaders have a vision which goes beyond the mere material/financial. They should promote and model a “pay-it-forward” mentality. With wealth comes the responsibility of good stewardship, and only a person who knows how to share of himself and give back, knows the meaning of true riches.