You might be wondering what people talk about on these membership sites. All topics are included , the positive and negative feeling of every subject imaginable is discussed, taught or argued. And everyone loves it! People also love membership sites , because of the fact that the membership site usually has a limited membership. People like exclusivity! Rarely does a membership site condone bad language amongst it’s members. There is not usually a supervisor monitoring open websites forbidding bad behaviour or foul language and enforcing the rules.

There are many reasons and advantages to actually own your own   membership site. Probably the most crucial and beneficial reason would be recurring income. You don’t have to sell your membership anything, having already bought the product . These very same people will pay youevery 30 days . The fact is recurring income can add up very fast . As an example we will say that you have a membership web site, and you charge $30.00 every month. At $30.00 per month you have made $360.00 from each member over a 12 month period , with no further operating disbursements.

Depending on the type membership site that you have , you might choose as the owner of a membership website providing the platform, that you won’t have to scamper for content to put on your website constantly. The supply of content that is required , will be provided by the members and they will pay the website owner to do it! Sounds good to me.   You may choose to have a membership site that teaches your specific niche, provides ebooks, articles and videos to your members.  You will continue to provide new and valuable tools and information as your members pay you each month for your efforts.

A membership site is a site that the owner will find profitable, inexpensive to run in both time and cash. A membership website is a website that members find interesting, secure and pleasing. Membership sites are the wave of the time to come because they work and they create a win-win situation for both members and owners! And the future is now.

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