It is quite clear that the web is moving toward the ownership of individual keywords in order for people to get the targeted web traffic they want so badly.

And finding ways to move in that direction to get more targeted web traffic could not be a hotter topic.

That simply means that more and more of us online have come to realize that we need to get our BEST KEYWORDS to those places that are going to get them featured WITH LINKS TO OUR SITES. When web 2.0 was brought to bear, that created an instant way to drop our content featuring those keywords into places that Google loves…problem is, most people still do not fully understand that game.

And they (you???) need to.

Let’s say you are an art dealer in San Antonio. Obviously, simple keyword research will tell you that “art dealer San Antonio” is one of your best keywords…BUT WHAT DO YOU DO KNOWING THAT?

Sure, if you had read this before your site was built, you would have optimized a page for that keyword. But what do you do if you don’t feel like waiting the several months for that to happen? How do you take your best, most powerful keywords and have them working for you in days?

1) Article Marketing

Article marketing is still one of the best ways to get the best visibility, especially at those article sites that Google adores most. I have found that the biggest problem with article marketing is that people simply do not know how to write to “create the click.”

2) Video Marketing

When Google bought YouTube for $2.3 Bill, it told the world that video was loved. Creating videos that feature your keywords is an instant way to get traffic. The downside being the standard “in my den” video that people find no credibility in.

3) Twitter

A traffic giant…especially in the right hands. But is Twitter traffic ready to buy from you? No. But they will, if you “content them up.”

It DOES NOT MATTER what you are selling, if you want targeted web traffic you start by finding those keywords in your business THAT PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR…and then you go after those with a never give up attitude by putting them into the best properties on the web. Web 2.0 properties.

So why all the emphasis on the search engines for all this traffic you need? Because an amazing 81% of all online transactions start with a Google search. That’s why!

And if you want to be in that consideration list, you’d better be on Google page #1 for your best keywords.

That’s why learning how to get more targeted web traffic is so monumentally important and why it can be had if you reach out and ask to know how.

Want to dominate online, create web pages that feature great long tail keywords and place them into blog that are then linked to. Then you dominate.