Blogging can be a crucial ingredient in the success of any internet marketing business. Blogging can offer smart marketers opportunities they can’t get elsewhere. Any internet marketer wanting to make a living online should also know that you need to explore multiple revenue options available to you.

Of course, there’s a big difference between knowing all these things and putting them into practice. It’s much easier to know the things a blog can do for you than it is to build one for yourself. Yet once you get started, building and running your blog are much simpler than most people realize. Here are some hints that could give you a head start.

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An RSS Feed should be available to any blog you run. ”Really Simple Syndication” is the full meaning of RSS. Many blogs are already equipped with RSS Feeds. You can stick with your own blog’s feed or you can choose one of the many that are available from other companies for free. Feedburner, a system recently purchased by Google, is one of the most popular feed burning and creating systems online.

Having a feed helps your readers stay current with your writing without having to check your page every day to see if you have published something. It is a major convenience when someone gets updated through their feed reader every time you make a post and it can also serve as a reminder in case they forgot about your blog. Something else you should do regularly is leave comments on other blogs.Leaving comments on other blogs is another important thing you should be doing consistently. Posting to other blogs can do a lot to help your own blog get noticed. The more comments you leave, the more people you will attract to your own blog. This is also good to build your reputation as a contributing member of an online community, rather than just another marketer. If you leave genuinely helpful or friendly comments, you will also get more links back to your own blog. Avoid making very general or pointless comments on other blogs. Don’t make the kind of short, pointless comments like “nice post” that are considered spam. Take a few minutes to read some posts and then answer one of them. Site owners will then appreciate your contributions and some of them will link to your blog.

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There are those people who think that blogs should have their own domain names. For those people still new to the entire ‘blogging thing’, it might be an option to just add your blog to an existing site using a sub-domain. This gives you the benefit of being able to associate your existing products with your blog and it saves you money on the cost of buying a new domain name. If you want to blog across more than one niche, it’s a good idea to give them individual domain names to help give them their own identities.

Although, these are some extremely powerful methods; they are only the tip of the iceberg. Blogging is only a part of the puzzle when it comes to internet marketing; you can make a large amount of money from blogging if done right but you can make even more by incorporating some of the other methods. The only thing that’s holding you back from becoming a successful blogger is yourself. Don’t take this information lightly because these are the same tactics that super-affiliates are using to make huge incomes.

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