There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to make money on the net. At the most fundamental level people sell either a service of some kind, or a product. You can make money through advertising on a website or being an affiliate for a company. If you don’t want to sell other people’s products, you can simply create your own.

Marketing to your email list, if properly done, never fails to be highly profitable. The most ideal marketing situation is to have a list that wants to hear from you and responds to your marketing messages. We’ll talk about and share some proven tips that have stood the test, and we hope they’ll help your email marketing take off to higher profits.

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Some people claim that the easiest way to start e-mail marketing is to simply buy a list of addresses and start mailing out offers. Don’t fall for this! Don’t trust anybody who tries to sell you e-mail addresses. Using this kind of purchased list is the surest way to get yourself in trouble for spamming. You have no idea where these e-mail addresses came from, and it’s mostly spammers who sell them. If you look at any sign-up for a list, you’ll see that it promises not to share your e-mail with anyone else. Buying e-mail addresses is not the way you want to build your list. Don’t risk creating unnecessary difficulties by doing this. Never too late to do some article marketing. Create landing pages, then start driving article traffic to them so people can optin. Build a landing page so people can optin to your list, and send traffic from article readers to your landing page. So then you’ll make a landing page which is where the article readers are sent and from there they optin to your list. Properly written articles will do the job of driving traffic to any place you want.This is why blog networks like SEOLinkVine are so important.

One simple way to build a list is to advertise! Write advertisements that tempt people to sign up for your newsletter; you can always offer them a free report or something like that. For best results, target your advertising so it’s seen by people who have an interest in your niche; this can be on or offline classifieds as well as websites or newsletters.

Don’t underestimate this simple strategy for collecting many e-mail addresses in a short time. This is a very honest method of list building but, for some reason, few seem to see the power that it holds.

A list is one of the surest ways to be able to sell something to a large group of people quickly. Your list is made up of people who have told you they are open to your information and offers. These are people who want to buy products from you and hire you for your services. One of the simple facts about any kind of selling is that you will have more success if you focus on the people who are looking to spend money. You can think of your list this way, as a group of your own personal customers!

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