Many internet marketers are finding it harder and harder to keep up with all the rules and complexities of Google Adwords.

Many people are having their accounts cancelled and aren’t even given a reason for this. It can be a problem when one company, Google, is permitted to enjoy such a dominant position when it comes to something as lucrative as online advertising. Google pretty much rules online advertising like a monarch, making whatever rules it decides to enforce! Some internet marketers are finally noticing that there are other profitable ways they can promote their online businesses.

One area of internet marketing that is just starting to take off is social network advertising. Facebook Ad Power was created for people who want something that is easier to use, but at least as profitable as Google Adwords.

We looked over and tested Facebook Ad Power, and these are the conclusions we reached:

Ryan Deiss is the inventor of Facebook Ad Power. Before coming out with this one, Ryan Deiss was already known for his previous product releases. He is the creator of products like Gmail Mind Tricks, Traffic Conversion Summit, and the Ultimate List Building System. When he noticed how difficult it was becoming for many advertisers to use Google, he started researching Facebook advertising and developed his own system to use on that network. Based on the quality of his earlier programs, we had reason to hope that this latest course of his would be at least as helpful to internet marketers.

This course is made up of a series of videos you can download, as well as an accompanying 30+ page PDF guide. Many online marketing programs that we’ve reviewed give you many hours of videos to watch, and nothing else. That means that if you miss something on the video, you have to watch it all over again, or take lots of notes. The creator of Facebook Ad Power understands that it makes it easier if you give people a document they can refer to, reminding them of how all the steps work.

Users of Facebook Ad Power can also sign up as affiliates, another way to boost your income. If you haven’t done any affiliate marketing yet, this can be a good way to start! You can make extra money with affiliate sales, along with any products of your own that you may want to promote.

You earn a commission whenever anyone purchases the Facebook Ad Power, as long as your affiliate link is used. You can promote the product however you like (though it might not be a good idea to use Google considering the course title).

Doing business online is tough for everyone, and especially so if Google has deemed you as a non-entity. But no matter, you can still advertise and experience excellent revenue in other ways. The various social media sites are excellent vehicles for targeted traffic generation. You can take advantage of Facebook Ad Power so you can take advantage of Facebook’s awesome power.

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