If you’ve read much advice about selling websites online, you’ve probably heard that your best bet is to stick with the mainstream sites like Flippa and Warriors Forum. While this still holds true, there are other viable marketplaces to consider and one such place is Craigslist. It can especially be a great marketplace if you are selling websites targeted to local businesses. Here are the four main advantages to selling websites online through Craigslist:

Local Contact

Craigslist may be chalked up as disadvantageous since it tends to work on a local level, but this can also be a positive. If you are selling a site that appeals to local business, or one that is designed specifically for a local niche market, you have the advantage of being a close contact for the buyer. A phone conversation is a much better way to gain the business confidence of a buyer, something you’re not likely to have if you’re selling on a huge anonymous site.

Free Use

More established site flipping marketplaces like Flippa may have a lot to offer a site flipper like you, but these services come for a fee. In addition to high listing fees, sites like these can also take a bite out of your income should you make a sale. But with using Craiglist, you don’t have to worry about having to pay any fees, or percentage when your site sells. You’re able to keep all of your earnings, and in case your site doesn’t sell for a long time, at least you don’t incur any expenses in the meantime.


For someone who knows his way around the site, selling websites through Craiglist could give an edge because this marketplace allows the seller to design and create their own ad as they see fit. Other sites don’t give as much creative freedom to those who have their sites listed. It’s harder to stand out when you would have to make do with a generic template that all other sellers use.


If properly optimized, Craigslist ads will rank very well in the search engines. Listing your websites for sale on Craigslist can give you greater visibility than traditional marketplaces.

Selling websites online and website flipping in general doesn’t mean that you need to be confined to one or two major marketplaces. It can pay big dividends to branch out and try other avenues. Craigslist is free and super easy to use so you have nothing to lose. It can be a great marketplace especially if you are selling sites tailored to local businesses.