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I love the Seagate Free Agent Portable Hard Drive. I recently had the 500GB and just recently had to upgrade to the 1TB.

Most would think that 500GB would be plenty of hard drive space on-the-go however when working from home as a Marketer I have found it’s best to keep my personal files separate from my clients files.

I now own the 1 TB for my clients and the 500 GB for my personal use, I believe I will be upgrading the the 3 TB soon as video takes up much space and I have a ton of video since new media video marketing is what I do along with my partner.

MegaWire Marketing helps small businesses and Entrepreneurs get web presence online.

If you are looking for a reliable device to store your precious files I highly recommend the Seagate free agent, it’s an absolute must for storing excess files, portability and reliability and the prices are GREAT too!

Kindle for the Droid is awesome! It’s great to own an Android and have at the touch of my fingers FREE ebook downloads. The Free Kindle ebook reader has been available for other phones; Blackberry, iPhone and iPad and now the Droid has it too.

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A few of my favorite features include:

  • It automatically synchronizes the last page you read.
  • Can change the text size
  • Add bookmarks
  • Read in portrait or landscape
  • Access your kindle library on Amazon’s servers for free.
  • Read the beginning of a book for free – my personal favorite!
  • Search and browse for more than 500,000 books including NY Top Bestsellers and they start as low as $9.99.

So as a Online Marketer it’s good to have at my fingertips FREE ebooks and content when I need it when I’m out and about whether it’s when I’m getting a pedi, or waiting in line I’m never without. Happy Reading….

This powerful new tool, known as the INSIDEOUT II DVD, is changing the way people see the Internet Marketing Industry.

This video is about helping people to see the future of our economy and getting inspired to take action and go inside themselves and spark the Entrepreneur.

This INSIDEOUT II DVD is not about selling and telling, this is about a crystal clear vision of how to use the Carbon Copy PRO, marketing system, and leverage the Internet by learning how to Sell Anything, To Anyone, Anywhere In The World.

If people could grasp the power of the Internet, and know what the future holds, I believe they would drop everything and learn as much as possible right now… What are YOU waiting for?

The next generation, Carbon Copy PRO 3.0 revealed at the CarbonCopyPRO Master Marketing Event (MME) in Las Vegas on Nov 19, 2009 was a huge success. Read the rest of this entry