Two Hearts, Two Minds,
Two Spirits…

Two passionate simple girls running parallel lives with just a little distance in between. We are best friends and cousins, we have been as close as Sisters since as far back as 20 years. As the years kept creeping by, we never failed to stay in touch and frequently visit each other. What we have to offer each other is so special, so unique and so coincidentally similar that the draw to figure out how we can work together has always been topic of discussion.

Depending where we lived, visiting each other was always a treat, whether we were traveling across the united states or making a 3 hour drive up the freeway to spend a weekend together, we found that our interests in so many ways were exactly the same. We love design, shopping, fashion, scrap-booking, eating healthy, yoga, spas, reading, personal development, community support, giving back, non-profit, spirituality, networking and marketing, just to name more than a few of our favorites.

We have worked in similar capacities in and out of Corporate America for years, ironically we both worked in the network marketing industry, pursuing different business opportunities. This was a great way of venturing out and building a community base of friends who share the same interest in creating supplemental, residual income. Building relationships is an investment that clearly brings quality people into our lives and makes us better people. Networking has led us to where we are today and we are grateful for the many relationships we have created over the years.

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Entrepreneurs are created not born. Now is the time to start something big, because 1.5 billion people using the Internet daily are searching for a gold mine. So then, why not partner up and charge the new year stronger, faster, simpler? …we did two years ago, life was unpredictable in the Real Estate world, so we used what we had, our strengths and our weaknesses and put it all together, and now, after nearly 2 years of education and training, we are on the fast track heading into 2010 with a bullet proof business concept so big, many won’t believe it or know how to wrap their minds around it.

When the Real Estate Market crashed, my partner and I were no stranger to job loss, so without hesitation we created positions of power, myself being blessed with the gifts to network and sell, my partner, blessed with the gift to create using her programming skills and the understanding behind source code. At best we are a match made in heaven, two very opposite but powerful strengths that have blended us into business together and have carved our pathway to successes beyond our wildest dreams.

Entrepreneurs are Created, Not Born. I believe every person out there has a bit of a creative side, a bit of the Entrepreneur inside themselves. The difference between those that act on their ideas and those that don’t are the opportunities that can be created from those ideas; in fact, many hero’s of our lifetime are household names, all because they acted on their idea to make change in their life as much as others. If you are wondering about that idea that keeps surfacing, then look inside and rely on yourself and nobody else and go ahead and spark the Entrepreneur within and make a difference in your new year ahead. 2010 is going to be BIG MONEY for those that separate themselves from the masses and take action. Where do you want to be?

I will never forget when I first thought about the opportunity to stay home and make money from the comfort of my pajamas.  It was such a feeling of relief to not have to get up day-in, day-out, yet to leave my house and work in corporate America.  It’s been 3 years now, and every day I feel blessed to have such an awesome lifestyle.

The road to freedom, working from home has not always been easy, there are many days when I felt like I would never “make it” or never become one of those online marketer success stories that everyone in this business hears about, but everyday I have kept pushing myself trying to figure out how to get there and successfully make money online, from home.

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Ebooks are the future and also the long term is now. The printed word on paper and bound into books applied to become the only way info was given and received. They were excellent, you could take them with you and put them on shelves and they do still exist and will continue to for the foreseeable future but the time of the E-book has arrived.


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If you’re really into the internet, you best use it for more than just information. In case you haven’t got the memo: the internet is full of ways to make money online.

All that’s left to determine is how to maximize your profit and opportunity.

Build Wealth Online

Have a job but feel the need for a supplemental income?
Have you always thought of working at home?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, understand that it can easily become a reality. The internet is bustling with opportunities every day for people like you and help create wealth from home!

Most job types lend themselves to being outsources to individuals like yourself. These include writing, copy-editing, website designing, programming, and assisting clients virtually. You may even land a position teaching, doing support, real estate, or even telemarketing.

Furthermore, jobs on the web are much more flexible. Make it your number one concern to meet your clients needs and deadlines.  You also have the option to work part-time, if you’re concerned about loosing your company benefits; start part-time working online until you can reach a comfortable income to quit your day-job.

First and foremost you need to decide the business model you plan on using to make money online. Unless you already know what you are going market, I highly suggest you to do market research.  Here are just a few ideas of business models you can use to make money online:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • JV Partnership
  • In-Box Magazine
  • Network Marketing
  • Ecommerce

Understanding the business model you want to use will help you stay focused and you can get to work and start making money faster, which is the goal right?

1. Set up your Social Media sites. Begin by creating your free gmail account, having a main gmail account will help you when setting up your social media sites, you can interlock your email accounts at the same time keeping them separate. 

The must have social sites are; Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  Eventually you will want to set up other sites but these are the minimum you need to start.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to get the hang-of-it and I will teach you all that in my course “Business Model Strategies for Online Marketing Success”.

You will want these social sites so you can build relationships with people who will want and/or need your product or service.

Wealth at Home Online

2. Set up a Blog. When blogging platforms began to spread like wildfire, it became nearly necessity on the web.  If you would like help setting up your blog be sure and contact me, you can Facebook me and I will be happy to get back to you.

Today’s blog is far from just a daily journal. By adding Google Adsense, affiliate products, advertising you can receive profit any time somebody clicks an ad on your blog. You can also accept requests for product reviews.

You can be an affiliate and upload the products you wish to sell through your blog.  My suggestion is to be sure and research products before you put them on your blog to ensure they are a product that you would endorse and use yourself.

Even if you don’t plan on using blogging as a business model type you will still need a place to “house” your information.  Think of your blog as your home address.

3. Initiate an offline-to-online Business. Doing this might take a tad longer until it takes off. The most advantageous aspect of the internet is the never-ending online market. Your site will be visible everywhere, so growing will be a breeze.  You can also help people get their presence online like my partner and I have done, visit MegaWire Marketing for more information on our services that we provide.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model4.  Sell a Product. If you’re worried about having a product to sell, don’t fret all too much. You have options; you can be a drop shipper, meaning you sell the goods of companies without keeping the inventory. You may also wish to be an affiliate, which means you’ll sell products but will receive commissions based on your sales.

These are just a few of the ways you can make money working from home online.  Be sure and sign up for our new product release “Business Models Strategies for Online Marketing Success”

Internet marketers have always emphasized on the importance of email marketing. It occurred to marketers they could create a list and then create email campaigns that would, over time, generate massive amounts of income.

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I love the Seagate Free Agent Portable Hard Drive. I recently had the 500GB and just recently had to upgrade to the 1TB.

Most would think that 500GB would be plenty of hard drive space on-the-go however when working from home as a Marketer I have found it’s best to keep my personal files separate from my clients files.

I now own the 1 TB for my clients and the 500 GB for my personal use, I believe I will be upgrading the the 3 TB soon as video takes up much space and I have a ton of video since new media video marketing is what I do along with my partner.

MegaWire Marketing helps small businesses and Entrepreneurs get web presence online.

If you are looking for a reliable device to store your precious files I highly recommend the Seagate free agent, it’s an absolute must for storing excess files, portability and reliability and the prices are GREAT too!

Kindle for the Droid is awesome! It’s great to own an Android and have at the touch of my fingers FREE ebook downloads. The Free Kindle ebook reader has been available for other phones; Blackberry, iPhone and iPad and now the Droid has it too.

Visit MegaWire Marketing to learn how Pj Smith uses Android for Mobile Web Marketing

MegaWire Marketing has Mobile Web Marketing for Small Businesses using cutting edge technology you MWM will get your business online, get you noticed and get you results on the first page of google.

A few of my favorite features include:

  • It automatically synchronizes the last page you read.
  • Can change the text size
  • Add bookmarks
  • Read in portrait or landscape
  • Access your kindle library on Amazon’s servers for free.
  • Read the beginning of a book for free – my personal favorite!
  • Search and browse for more than 500,000 books including NY Top Bestsellers and they start as low as $9.99.

So as a Online Marketer it’s good to have at my fingertips FREE ebooks and content when I need it when I’m out and about whether it’s when I’m getting a pedi, or waiting in line I’m never without. Happy Reading….

One of the main aims of an affiliate marketer should be to create a quality landing page that converts. It’s common, however, for affiliate marketers to be clueless on how to create a landing page that gets results, and it’s due to the complex nature of it. Some people just aren’t technically proficient enough.

Affiliate Theme

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The element that says most about a freelance illustrator is style; this so-called unique voice that makes work possible and sets it apart from the less valuable, that is the aspect that says most about the artistic gift of illustrators. When you advertise in an art directory, any business that would hire you would consider the feeling, the tone and even the rate of the freelance illustrator, usually starting from the personal portfolio or work samples. Don’t think it is easy to be a freelance illustrator; technical skills are always required and the ideas of illustrative design are meerly endless. Skill and innate talent pair successfully when it comes to triggering a client’s feedback.

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While many reside battle with just the concept of balancing a career and family life, still others are stressful to find a way to have a successful career to pay the bills and get a home line of work off the ground for the future. Few things are as professionally elating in life as running a successful business, but the risks are great and it can take time for the average home business to bring in decent money to support a family or even an individual full time. For this argue, juggling both a day job and a home business is sometimes necessary for a while, if not indefinitely. Here are some traits and tips to properly balance a home business and a career.
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Marketing goods and services via the Web is unquestionably much easier and more gratifying compared to traditional marketing 

methods. Using the millions of men and women worldwide getting on the internet every single day, there’s an huge possibility to get a merchant to market his goods and produce massive income. 

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